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  • Roving Rehklau
    Roving RehklauArtists on the Road :
    June 6, 2020Well, this is cool. I was asked to deign POW/MIA motorcycle decals for a fella. I've sent this sample work to him. Lucky me, the POW logo and POW medal are both public domain! Saves a ton of work.

    This bike isn't super shiny, more like a satin finish in...  more
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    • Roving Rehklau
      Roving Rehklau June 19, 2020 Decided the POW medal didn't work. Like this much better
    • Roving Rehklau
      Roving Rehklau June 19, 2020 Here is the fuel tank. The owner is planning on popping by today. I'll get some final measurements and hook him up.
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