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  • Moak
    MoakSolar and Alternative Energy for RV's:
    June 7, 2020Good day,
    I'm looking at a 2020 Sunseeker 3010DS and it has a WD282FWDC Everchill Refrigerator 10 Cubic Feet - 12V DC at 60 Hz Rated current: 2.5 amps. I don't why they are using these instead of the good old 3 way or 2-way refrigerators butt they are....  more
    • Moak
      Steve & Liz Willey June 7, 2020 12 volt dc at 60 Hz is confusing.  1DC has no HZ frequency,  Perhaps the label says 12 volt DC or 120 volt 60 HZ?    We use NovaKool brand that is quite energy efficient on DC and uses a very reliable Danfoss brand compressor.  If...  more
    • Moak
      John T June 8, 2020 Good morning Moak, great questions I will address one at a time.  It appears the fridge is a compressor unit that runs strictly on 12 VDC power.  1)  12V DC at 60 Hz Rated current: 2.5 amps. I don...  more
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      • Moak
        Moak June 8, 2020 Thanks John. That tells me a lot and confirms my beliefs the New Sunseekers are not design for real camping.    Think  I will look into a leprechaun 319MB they are still using a 2way as far as I know
    • Moak
      John T June 8, 2020 PS NOT having an energy audit nor knowing yo ur energy needs especially that 12 Volt fridge I might venture a pure "guess" if you want to boondock very long and run that fridge you might be looking at in the neighborhood of APPROXIMATELY say 400 to 600 Wa...  more
    • Moak
      Moak June 8, 2020 Yes its tuff to say with out know full consumption of the coach and for some reason they have these new Sunseeker loaded with 12 volt stuff even the theater seats are 12 volt recline 3 12 v TVs.   I was think I would have to up grade t...  more
    • Moak
      John T June 8, 2020 Moak based on MY RV use and lifestyle and my relatively modest energy requirements, for a lot of dry camping I prefer a fridge that runs on LP Gas. NOTE I'm NOT knocking choice of a bigger compressor powered fridge (120 VAC or 12 VDC) they have room and a...  more
    • Moak
      Moak June 8, 2020 John, I understand 100% and that's what I have and what I like.  ButI'm looking to retire my old RV and buy a new one I like this sunseeker 3010DS but a 2-way fridge doesn't seem to be an option for it. The only fridge I see listed is this 12 V compr...  more
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