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  • Ron and Anne Travelsalot
    Ron and Anne TravelsalotRV Pets:
    June 8, 2020Hi there! We are just stepping out into full time, although we were on the road a good half of last year, this is our first time bringing the cats. I have a few questions. Opal is a chocolate calico, she looks like an oil painting up close. Paige looks a ...  more
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    • Ron and Anne Travelsalot
      The Wandering Wachowskis June 8, 2020 We have just hit the road full time ourselves and tried to have our three cats in their carriers.  One fought to get out so much that he hurt himself.  One went to the bathroom in his carrier (we only drove a short way) and the other got sick.&n...  more
    • Ron and Anne Travelsalot
      John & Pat Klebba June 8, 2020 We have been Class A RVing for 3 1/2 years with a 9-year-old diabetic cat. She adapted quickly and well, but feels more secure if we put her soft-sided carrier under one of the dinette chairs, but leave it open. As soon as we start moving, she goes in the...  more
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      • Ron and Anne Travelsalot
        Ron and Anne Travelsalot June 8, 2020 Definitely! Thankfully the couch they hide under is on the slide- which seems strange when the slide scares them so much, or st least did at first b
    • Ron and Anne Travelsalot
      Free2B June 8, 2020 Hi! When we traveled with our cat we didn’t count him as a pet at camp grounds, just the dogs. We left him loose in our class A, let him find a place where he felt safe. Make sure you know where your cats are before you bring in the slides! They could be ...  more
    • Ron and Anne Travelsalot
      Diane Olsen June 8, 2020 I have 2 dogs and an indoor cat. I never mention the cat since he’s always indoors. In my years of traveling with cats, I‘ve found they do better out of the cat carrier . They usually have a favorite hiding spot. Although I did have one who liked to look ...  more
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    • Ron and Anne Travelsalot
      Steve C (Giddyup-Go) June 8, 2020 We have been traveling for almost nine years our cat is an indoor only and she goes under the passenger seat when the RV starts and comes out when the jacks go down.
    • Ron and Anne Travelsalot
      juney bug June 8, 2020 I think they mainly mean dogs since they go outdoors all the time.
    • Ron and Anne Travelsalot
      See spot run RV June 8, 2020 We are full time in a class A and travel with a 10 year old black cat named Midnight. If you cats are indoor only then say no pets when making a reservation. If they never go out, no one will ever know anyway. We have been full time for 15 month...  more
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