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  • Tom & Marion Braum
    Tom & Marion Braum Crocheting Co-Pilots:
    June 12, 2020Just finished this for our new/4 mo. old great-nephew! His parents are BIG sports fans. The pattern was perfect for them but not so easy. Difficult to embroider lines on balls, especially since the pattern wasn't exactly the way the balls should be - had ...  more
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    • Tom & Marion Braum
      Roving Renwick’s June 12, 2020 Gorgeous!
    • Tom & Marion Braum
      TLCTravels July 28, 2020 So nice! A lot of love (and work!) went into that. :)
    • Tom & Marion Braum
      Tim & Kathy (from Indiana) August 25, 2020 WOW... lots of work went into this cute blanket. I'm very impressed..  
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