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    We are OPEN and accepting reservations!!!!! Gunsmoke RV Park is now offering RVillagers a 10% percent discount! Just mention the promotional code: GUNSMOKE10 when calling to book your stay with us at: 620-227-8247
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  • WonderWheels
    WonderWheelsFull Time RVers:
    June 15Newbie question! When you take your RV in for annual maintenance like RV/Battery Tune ups and oil changes, do you take them to a car repair place or an RV repair shop? I’m feeling confused as to who does what...
    THANKS. ❤️
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    • WonderWheels
      WDK450 June 15 My Ram 3500 truck goes to a regular mechanic. My Bighorn 5th wheel trailer goes to an RV specialist . The same attitude should go for motorhomes - Vehicle stuff like drivetrain issues should go to a mechanic, RV issues like RV plumbi...  more
    • WonderWheels
      Mills Travelers June 15 As stated above, depends on what kind of RV you have. You might want to clarify. Be careful to do your homework in finding reputable shops. Some RV service facilities are terrible.
    • WonderWheels
      Michael&Marilyn June 15 I take my motorhome chasis to a truck service center, and the coach to a RV service center.
    • WonderWheels
      BJP23 June 15 We have a diesel Class A with a Freightliner chassis. For the diesel engine servicing, we take our motorhome to Freightliner for service. If we are having trouble with something like the slides, non-engine electrical, plumbing, or to have the generator se...  more
    • WonderWheels
      eddie3405 June 15 if it is a motor home, some RV shops will not work on the engine, transmission etc. the RV part is taken care of by an RV dealer/ technicians
    • WonderWheels
      Scott and Jackie Cundiff June 15 We're in a diesel pusher class A.  It basically is two different rigs.  There's the camper and there's the truck.  Truck related stuff has to be done by shops that work on trucks.  The problem is that not all truck service centers will...  more
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