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  • Wheninfocus
    June 18, 2020How do most people handle their mail receiving when out on the road for extended periods of time?
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    • Wheninfocus
      Cinn June 18, 2020 If you are a full timer, you will need to have a legal "domicile" address, which comes with a mail forwarding service. That mail then has to get "forwarded" somewhere. Full-time or vacationer, if you are going to be staying in an RV park, y...  more
    • Wheninfocus
      Wheninfocus June 18, 2020 Okay, thanks for this information.  Very helpful!  Soon to have no fixed address.
    • Wheninfocus
      modernvardo June 18, 2020 Mail forwarding services abound, we use escapees, but lots of options
    • Wheninfocus
      Wheninfocus June 18, 2020 Thank you for the tips!
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