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  • John and kathy larson
    John and kathy larsonRV Repair Club:
    June 21, 2020Fridge doesn’t stay on when not plugged in
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    • John and kathy larson
      MH & DH June 21, 2020 Just had the same issue with mine, it ended up being the control box, $80.00 and changed myself.
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      • John and kathy larson
        MH & DH June 21, 2020 When I was having the same problem talked to a guy and he told me several things.  If yours has a thermocouple then that is the problem most of the time. Don' t know how old your unit is but a burner tube will do that if it has been used a lot o...  more
    • John and kathy larson
      David Leslie Jasper & JoJo June 21, 2020 If it's a residential fridge, then it needs to be plugged into 120-volt power to operate.  If it's a typical RV fridge, then it must be connected to 12-volt power and either connected to 120-volt power or be connected to propane.  In either case...  more
    • John and kathy larson
      BLSMSS (Brenda &Marc) June 21, 2020 A friend of ours had somewhat same issue and it ended up their inverter was put in wrong. Wish we could help. Good luck
    • John and kathy larson
      Wildheart June 21, 2020 If it's a 2-way or 3-way fridge, and it runs on shore power but not on propane, MH & DH above have the right idea. There are five things:  1) - Check your temp sensor inside. It's called a Thermistor and it's a copper wire that runs from your ...  more
    • John and kathy larson
      TeamFoxy June 22, 2020 The light on the fridge should be flashing a code if it is not working. The manual will tell you what the code means.
    • John and kathy larson
      Pokett June 22, 2020 If you mean it won't cool --- this may sound too simplistic--- make sure you have LPG and it is turned on.... May need to get someone to check gas pressure to unit.... Lost a fridge full once due to this....
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