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    We are OPEN and accepting reservations!!!!! Gunsmoke RV Park is now offering RVillagers a 10% percent discount! Just mention the promotional code: GUNSMOKE10 when calling to book your stay with us at: 620-227-8247
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  • JoeH84
    JoeH84Fulltime RV Family Life:
    June 22Hello everyone! I hope you all are well. My son (Ayden) and I decided to go fulltime for awhile. I just purchased a 2000 Monaco La palma motorhome for us to travel in. We would love any advice y'all got for us. Pretty big change and quite nerve wracking lol.
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    • JoeH84
      T and A (Our Half Dozen RV Life) June 23 Welcome to fill time. Are you retired? What are your plans of travel? Are you headed to a specific place? 
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      • JoeH84
        JoeH84 June 23 Nope, not retired. I am a field engineer. Just taking some time off right now with all the craziness going on. I didn't feel right leaving my son at home half the day alone, so here we are lol. I really don't have many plans besides we want to travel all ...  more
    • JoeH84
      Thesebluebirddays June 23 Giddy up, we have 5 kids and it is not a big deal. Just plan a few weeks ahead if possible.
    • JoeH84
      Dan&Jo June 26 Welcome and best of luck. Different kind of life, but can be one of the most interesting and well rounded for a child. Safe travels.
    • JoeH84
      Susan M. Davis June 26 Welcome to the road!  Not the best year for as we call it "launching" so you have my respect for jumping in and not letting the crazy going on stop you.  If I can offer you any advice or wisdom from 5 years of living on the road I'd say take tim...  more
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