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  • Ellen White
    Ellen White Boondockers:
    June 23, 2020Hi! I’ve been boondocking and get that the micro, hair dryer, a/c, etc you need a generator or more than my 2 - 12v deep cycle batteries will put out (100amp ea) BUT how do you recharge your laptop? Or plug in a small fan? Or work the TV (mine is plugged ...  more
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    • Ellen White
      John T June 23, 2020 Ellen if you need to operate a few relatively low 120 VAC power devices (cell phone chargers or laptop computer or small TV etc.) for short periods when not plugged to shore power or using a generator, you use a 12 VDC to 120 VAC INVERTER. They use the en...  more
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      • Ellen White
        Claire and Tim June 23, 2020 why don't you just buy a 12 volt usb outlet a 12 volt cord for your laptop and a 12 volt tv. 
    • Ellen White
      Seann (the Canadian) June 23, 2020 Ellen you can get small inverters from places like Harbor freight.. Adding 12 volt plugs is easy to do, you just need to make sure they can handle the amperage you need. If you can't do this yourself a good Samaritan should be able to help you, or a...  more
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      • Ellen White
        Ellen White June 23, 2020 Seann does the inverter need to be connected to something to get its power or is it a stand alone power source?
      • Ellen White
        Seann (the Canadian) June 23, 2020 And inverter will need to be attached to your batteries that's why I said put in the 12-volt accessory plug and make sure it's heavy enough wired you can get a solar battery inverter stand-alone unit but they are hellishly expensive
    • Ellen White
      Ellen White June 23, 2020 Claire and tim what would I plug them into all my outlets are 110 regular outlets and I have no cigarette type outlets in the RV.
    • Ellen White
      John T June 23, 2020 Ellen, an Inverter (12 VDC to 120 VAC)  needs and uses 12 VDC battery power to operate. NO its not any stand alone energy source........... Your regular RV outlets are 120 VAC so if you're not using a generator nor plugged in to...  more
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    • Ellen White
      Jim & Sharon Ham June 23, 2020 If you have 2 House Batteries, you can handle recharge on your laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc with direct charger cables just using DC voltage. The cables have a cigarette lighter plug on one end.  Some TV sets operate on 12 volts directly...the clu...  more
    • Ellen White
      Ellen White June 24, 2020 Thank you everyone for your advice..
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