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  • Crazy Gypsy Souls
    Crazy Gypsy SoulsWhy didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks:
    June 28, 2020ISO of a solution for sew smells when driving motorhome. Tried treatments & putting some fabric softener in toilet while traveling. Helps but doesn’t fully stop it. Any suggestions?
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    • Crazy Gypsy Souls
      M & C Rving June 28, 2020 Are the ceiling vents open or closed as you travel?
    • Crazy Gypsy Souls
      Kim & Kathy June 28, 2020 happy camper
    • Crazy Gypsy Souls
      CandaceRivero June 29, 2020 1-use Happy Camper after each dump of the tanks 2- use LOTS of water when flushing 3- clean a black tank on a short trip with Gallon of vinegar + 2 tbsp Dawn blue + Calgon water softener beads + 4 gallons fresh water. Drive to your next destination. Espec...  more
    • Crazy Gypsy Souls
      Mark_M June 29, 2020 I also like Happy Camper and Dawn...I also now add a 1/2 cup of Borax which really makes the difference.  Dont forget to add a few gallons of water though.
    • Crazy Gypsy Souls
      dmferguson June 30, 2020 Tanktechsrx. Try it. Works good.
    • Crazy Gypsy Souls
      Surveyor Rick June 30, 2020 We had that issue in our RV. After a lot of searching and trying I found a joint in the sewer stack that was never glued from factory. Pried it apart, applied ABS cement and reassembled. All is good now.
    • Crazy Gypsy Souls
      Jmom2boys July 1, 2020 We do some of the things mentioned above as well as a tip we got in a campground. We now put our extra ice cubes with Dawn down the toilet for the drive from the site to the dump station. Theory is it knocks around and hits any bits and pieces that could ...  more
    • Crazy Gypsy Souls
      Dan&Jo July 2, 2020 Expanding on what Surveyor Rick posted. Most RV black water systems are sealed, dump valve seal, commode seal the only opening when traveling should be the roof air vent. The better RV manufacturers pressure test the black water holding system to make sur...  more
    • Crazy Gypsy Souls
      Mark_M July 2, 2020 One day (yeah I know that I dont have a life) I was looking at YouTube videos and came across one where a noted RV guy compared aftermarket RV tank flushers/aids.  This guy goes all out and builds a see through tank so you can see what "actually" hap...  more
    • Crazy Gypsy Souls
      Mark_M July 2, 2020 Oh yeah.. dont worry his "poo" is fake... well sorta.  He will explain.
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