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  • Morgan B.
    Morgan B. shared Jcombs's post. June 30, 2020Best thing to use to clean the roof?
    • Morgan B.
      Steve & Milly June 30, 2020 Wash n Wax All. It will do the whole RV all waterless so you can use it at the RV park.
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      • Morgan B.
        Dave&Jo June 30, 2020 Is this the aircraft one? There are several Wash n Wax listings on Amazon.
    • Morgan B.
      Steve & Milly June 30, 2020 Yes, that's it. They have a whole lineup of products to complement the Wash n Wax All.
    • Morgan B.
      Steve & Milly June 30, 2020 Here is their website
    • Morgan B.
      Todd Ramsay June 30, 2020 To get off tough stuff, like sap or moldy black stain, I mix small bottle of white vinegar and dawn dish soap and a little water. Then put on, let it sit for a few minutes then scrub lightly with a kitchen scrub brush. Then use what ever wash and wax you wish. :)
    • Morgan B.
      M & C Rving June 30, 2020 Is one really supposed to 'wax' the roof?  I just got done cleaning mine the hard way.  Hands and knees, scrub brush, dawn and water.  
    • Morgan B.
      Dan&Jo July 2, 2020 This works great for awnings, roof and entire coach. At less then $5.00 for a concentrated gallon which makes tons it's quite inexpensive.
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