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  • Malcolm & Stella
    Malcolm & Stella Tiffin Owners:
    July 6, 2020Splendide TVM63X Stacked Dryer. Looking for best approach. Noticed yesterday that the motor is running and heating but drum is not turning. Guessing that it is belt off or broken. Realize that access to the belt involves removal of washer and dryer. ...  more
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    • Malcolm & Stella
      Paul And Carole July 8, 2020 I have not had this particular problem but have worked on several Splendide appliances, tech support is good on the phone.  Does sound like the belt, would suggest getting a OEM replacement.  Either type of repair person should be able to handle...  more
    • Malcolm & Stella
      Robbie & Alice July 8, 2020 We had a problem with our dryer/stack unit.  Splendide support was fantastic, but couldn't find a repair person to do the job, had to do it myself using YouTube videos...was fairly easy, but getting the appliance out of the cabinet to work on was an ...  more
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    • Malcolm & Stella
      Robbie & Alice July 8, 2020 I had to take the sliding door off, and several of the attachments that held it all together, and that was just for the is doable, but a real of luck to you getting that washing machine to where you can work on it.....ugh!
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      • Malcolm & Stella
        Malcolm & Stella July 8, 2020 I need to replace dryer belt.  Can you separate the two units and leave the washer in cabinet and get just the dryer out?
    • Malcolm & Stella
      4Travelers July 9, 2020 Ours did the same thing about 2 years ago.  I used the manual, pulled it out and changed the belt on the living room floor. Not difficult as the instructions were pretty clear. The dryer is not that heavy and can be lifted by one person.
    • Malcolm & Stella
      Eric and Fay Alm July 9, 2020 We relied on advice and photos posted on Tiffin RV Network. Wasn't easy but wife and did it. Thanks to RV Network. We had great service, advice and belt delivery from an outfit in Portland OR. Sorry, can't remember name. Good luck. Link:  www....  more
    • Malcolm & Stella
      Robbie & Alice July 9, 2020 Yes, the dryer just sits on the top of the'll see once you start tearing it apart.  I forget how they are fastened together, but they do come apart......think just part of the wood holds it in place.
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