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  • Jeff and Connie Thompson
    Jeff and Connie ThompsonNew RVillagers Group:
    July 10, 2020We’ve been told we should change our residency to Tx, SD, or Fl. If we are full time. Can someone tell me why? Thanks!
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    • Jeff and Connie Thompson
      APGARFARM July 10, 2020 Florida has no state income taxes would be one reason , not sure about Texas or SD
    • Jeff and Connie Thompson
      Sperocles July 10, 2020 no state income tax in all of those states as well as 5 others. i'm establishing residency in FL in a rural county that theoretically will also save me money on auto insurance. potential other reasons to select one of these states or another is how they d...  more
    • Jeff and Connie Thompson
      Bill Joyce (and wife Diane Melde) July 10, 2020 They all allow you to be a resident with a private mail box address, which is not true of many states.  Plus they are good states for overall taxes.  If you need to buy your own health insurance, Florida is the one to have if you use a private m...  more
    • Jeff and Connie Thompson
    • Jeff and Connie Thompson
      Bruce & Linda (Omnibus) July 10, 2020 The Escapees RV Club is probably the best source of information on the topic of domicle and residency for full-time RVers.  Their Rainbows End park in Livingston, TX and Sumter Oaks park in Bushnell, FL are popular places to park the RV for a few wee...  more
    • Jeff and Connie Thompson
      Kevin & Leslie July 10, 2020 is a good Florida one. Close to the upper panhandle. It’s in a military and tourist county, so they are very used to residents that aren’t “home” a lot. If you bought your RV more than 6 months prior you don’t have to pay sales tax on it ag...  more
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