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  • CAStacey
    CAStaceyRV Repair Club:
    July 11Help: I’m new to RVing and bought a 2020 Entegra Odyssey Motorhome in March. I would say i’ve spent about 1 1/2 months of that time in it taking short 2-3 day trips and one Round Trip to CT and back to FL. I refilled my fresh water a few times and did so ...  more
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    • CAStacey
      BLSMSS July 11 Could be filter or just sitting. Drain it, flush it if you can and refill some. Then see
    • CAStacey
      G&J Gaskill July 11 CAStacey  Are you familiar with the process of sanitizing your water tank?  If not, it should be in your owner's manual; rather easy process and well worth the time.  If you are using the filter as you fill the tank but have nothing at the faucet, then remember that the water tank "can" grow bacteria (especially in high heat environments); I am not saying that this is your issue but it is why I am extremely cautious when it comes to our water.

      The rotten egg smell may be coming from your sacrificial anode in your hot water heater.  I copied this from a Google search:

      Why does  the  camper smell like rotten eggs ? Anaerobic bacteria reacts with magnesium or aluminum anode rods to produce a  rotten egg smell . ... Most people who own RVs  smell  this awful  odor  at least once.
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      • CAStacey
        BLSMSS July 11 You never smelt sulfur water, smells like rotten eggs. Yes, do what manual says. Sanitize it, change your rod in water heater if have one too and water filter. If that doesn’t do it, not sure.
      • CAStacey
        CAStacey July 11 This makes sense as I really haven't used my hot water at since I bought it until yesterday and that was the first time I smelled it. I'll check all this when I get home tomorrow.
      • CAStacey
        Paul & Kay Legare July 11 Before you potentially waste time looking, know that if you have an Atwood brand water heater there is no abode rod required. It would not have been factory installed.
    • CAStacey
      Robbie & Alice July 11 Sanitize your tanks.
    • CAStacey
      G&J Gaskill July 11 CAStacey  do you smell it when you only use cold water?  Your original comment mentioned the smell was "overwhelming" when washing dishes and showering.  Run your cold water for a little bit to flush the line of any residual "stinky water" then see if the water has the smell (I was raised calling it sulfur water).  If not, turn on the hot water side on and see if the smell appears.  If the smell is only during hot water usage then I would lean to the anode in the water heater; if the smell is there on the cold side too, I would look back at the sanitation of the H2O tank.  Best of luck!!!
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      • CAStacey
        CAStacey July 11 It's on the hot water side, but should an anode go bad in just three months?
      • CAStacey
        G&J Gaskill July 11 @CAStacey...  I don't think the anode is bad, I think there is a reaction with the magnesium in the anode and a bacteria such as  Anaerobic...  Try sanitizing the tank...
    • CAStacey
      topsarge July 11 CAStacey   and @G&J Gaskill...If you would have asked me a couple years ago if my anode rod could go bad in just three months I would have chuckled quite loudly and said something like this three months, no! More likely in 30 days or less!

      Out west in the Nevada, Arizona and possibly southern California's Mojave deserts there loads and loads of more minerals than maybe one person can count and they are very, very corrosive.

      I am with G&J Gaskill... and those above that  answered sanitize the tank. Sounds simple, but make sure you know what you are doing, read the manual, but do not depend on it. See if you can find a you tube video and watch a gazillion times so that you know it by heart.

      Still may not be enough. I read your rig is an Entegra Odyssey? meaning it is likely a Jayco-Entegra. Either way, in your manual should be a list of phone numbers for the factory in Indiana. If lucky, there should be one for the factory technician. They can provide you with step by step instructions right on the telephone.

      If nothing is working for you CALL: Joyce Skinner, 800.238.8267, Director, Customer Experience and she is good and quick, steering you in the right direction. If you choose, email her at Just don't get involved with anything if you opt for the email route, except maybe coffee, smoothie, or...remember I said she is good and quick, she is.
    • CAStacey
      CAStacey July 12 Thank you
    • CAStacey
      DjDarren July 18 maybe time to clean ur tanks & also throw out that water heater & buy a Tankless water heater.
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      • CAStacey
        CAStacey July 22 Maybe, when my house sells in CT. I couldn’t get the last 2 gallons out of hot water tank because i couldnt get off pressure release to get air compressor in there to force out water. I had an appt at generalrv for a different issue. I added this problem ...  more
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