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  • Marty & Patty Martinez
    Marty & Patty MartinezRoutine Maintenance:
    July 12, 2020Silly question, maybe somebody else 8s wondering the same thing. We know water weighs 8.4#/gal. and propane weighs 4.25#/gal, does anybody know orcever read what a gallon of black water weighs, on the average? Seeme silly but if your say boondocking, that...  more
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    • Marty & Patty Martinez
      KarlZ July 12, 2020 ...  more
    • Marty & Patty Martinez
      David Leslie Jasper & JoJo July 12, 2020 This question of weight difference between relatively clean water and black tank water reminds me of a comment made by an acquaintance - who was a CPA - "that's like wanting to know the difference between fly poop and pepper." 
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    • Marty & Patty Martinez
      Woz and Marly July 12, 2020 Former public health inspector here and unfortunately, it is one of those strange things that I do know.   :|  Depends of course on the amount of solids but we would generally say that black water weighs about 10% more than water itself.&nb...  more
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      • Marty & Patty Martinez
        Woz and Marly July 12, 2020 .....and now that I re-read my comment I can see why you will all be clamouring to invite me to your next party.
      • Marty & Patty Martinez
        Marty & Patty Martinez July 12, 2020 OUTSTANDING. You validated my point, along with others. Whwn I was stationed in Alaska, we could not poop on the tundra. You had to poop in a trash bag, double bag it and then put it in a double lined container. Some researcher found wild animal po...  more
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