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  • Loftis13
    Loftis13Handy RV Tools and tips :
    July 16, 2020Does anyone have suggestions for how to make our TT beds more comfortable? We have a queen size mattress in the bedroom that is pretty hard. I bought a 3” foam topper that sucked us in like quicksand and made us sweat like pigs! I then bought a thick pad...  more
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    • Loftis13
      Mike and Donna Wagner July 16, 2020 We solved it - we replaced our original 2002 mattress with one we bought on-line that came all rolled up. It sort of inflated when we unwrapped it. It is some sort of material similar to the Tempur-Pedic beds. We love it - it’s like night and day differen...  more
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      • Loftis13
        John & Diana July 16, 2020 Memory Foam.
      • Loftis13
        Notmouse and J July 16, 2020 We did the same. We ordered what is called a camper mattress. It is a bit shorter, which is what we needed for our smaller apex nano. But the width is the same as a normal mattress. 
    • Loftis13
      Seann (the Canadian) July 16, 2020 Same thing for me... I bought a QUALITY memory foam bed ( not topper) from Costco, it's actually more comfortable than the one in e stix&brickx
    • Loftis13
      BLSMSS (Brenda &Marc) July 16, 2020 We bought a Casper
    • Loftis13
      voy108 July 16, 2020 My Pillow???? I am using a 3" memory foam on my TT queen but may try the RV Queen from MY Pillow. I love their going to order more from them. Sheets, towels, and their roll up pillow. They're pricey but if the rest of their products match thei...  more
    • Loftis13
      Marty & Patty Martinez July 17, 2020 Ordered Queen Short from Amazon.
    • Loftis13
      12 legs on the road July 17, 2020 After owning many Arvie's and never getting a good night's sleep on any of the factory mattresses we broke down and bought a sleep number RV mattress from Camping World. It is the best purchase of any accessory we have ever bought for any of our Rv's. We...  more
    • Loftis13
      Martha & Brad (BoyerWeLucky) August 26, 2020 Do any of these mattresses bend in the middle - ie, when you want to open the storage space under the bed?
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