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  • Bugsandbabbs
    BugsandbabbsNew RVillagers Group:
    July 17, 2020Help we are newbies and on our 1st trip and 1st night. We have 2 lithium batteries and 2 solar panels.along with an inverter. We stopped and found that we have no power except to the lights and water pump. We checked the gif and the batteries are fully...  more
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    • Bugsandbabbs
      JoeTex16 July 17, 2020 Did you plug in to shore power and flip the breaker switch on the power pole? If so, check to make sure your main breaker in your rig is flipped to "On", as well as the other breakers. Check your GFCI outlets to make sure they haven't tripped. Other th...  more
    • Bugsandbabbs
      Kevin & Leslie July 17, 2020 There should be fuses on your inverter. Or a switch / battery disconnect before the inverter? I don’t have an inverter so it’s hard for me to know, but I’d want a way to NOT create AC always. I’m guessing the fridge is AC only?
    • Bugsandbabbs
      Kevin & Leslie July 17, 2020 By the way, your lights and water pump are probably 12v. Vent fans also. Propane Hot Water heaters usually need 12v to run. And propane fridges usually need 12v.

      The inverter is making your 120v unless you are connected to Shore Power.
    • Bugsandbabbs
      David Leslie Jasper & JoJo July 18, 2020 Your inverter is ON?
    • Bugsandbabbs
      Becca Ray July 18, 2020 If only working off of battery/12v DC, electrical outlets may not work unless working off shore power or generator (they need 120v AC)?! Need answers to other above questions in order to help out. Like is fridge AC only or AC/Propane (with 12v assist to c...  more
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