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  • Skylar
    SkylarWhy didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks:
    July 26, 2020Hi all, I need help understanding what to do about an oil leak in my Onan 4000 series generator. I have a 2000 Winnebago motorhome. My generator recently developed an oil leak. I made an appointment with a local mechanic to have it checked out as I depend...  more
    • norm and sue likes this.
    • Skylar
      mauzerate July 26, 2020 Did the mechanic clean the surrounding thoroughly? Over time oil can get into places and is difficult to get cleaned thoroughly. You may have residue from the leak that is congregating near the oil plug. If it’s only a drip clean it with a r...  more
    • Skylar
      Skylar July 26, 2020 No pictures. I haven’t had a chance to check it out. I’ve close neighbors at my park this weekend so have been waiting until they leave so I can run the generator. 
    • Skylar
      John & Diana July 26, 2020 Since tightening the plug stopped most of the leak, why not order a new plug ? Your existing plug might have an O-ring seal that might be deteriorated. If you have an O-ring, a replacement can be found at most auto supply stores. ...  more
    • Skylar
      Seann (the Canadian) July 26, 2020 I agree with John replace the plug some mechanic say you should replace the drain plug every time you change the oil that's a bit much, but once every couple years is a good idea
    • Skylar
      David Leslie Jasper & JoJo July 26, 2020 If the oil drain plug has a metal crush washer, then it - the metal crush washer - should be changed to a new one with every oil change because they're really inexpensive.  Or you can refurbish the used crush washer if it's not too distorted. ...  more
    • Skylar
      Skylar July 26, 2020 Thanks everyone for your feedback. Excellent suggestions! No one has ever mentioned changing the drain plug to me. 
    • Skylar
      Jim & Sharon Ham July 28, 2020 A temp fix would be to wrap Teflon plumbing tape around the threads to see if that stops the leak. Then order a new plug.
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