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  • RichDi
    RichDiRV Repair Club:
    July 28, 2020I'm replacing the Dometic RV fridge with a residential unit that fits. I am buying a pure sine inverter to run it. My question is where do I hook up the inverter to the rig's electrical system?
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    • RichDi
      Jim & Sharon Ham July 28, 2020 As close to the house battery bank with as big a cables as space allows.  
    • RichDi
      GAPeach0519 July 29, 2020 Are your appliances powered with Solar or do you use shore power and/or generator?
    • RichDi
      Jenna & The ZARGON July 29, 2020 Just be aware, the inverter only produces pure signwave when it is powered by batteries. If you are on shore power, you get whatever they got.   So, if you intend on powering your appliances when not hooked to shore power, ie, boondocking, make sure ...  more
    • RichDi
      John T July 29, 2020 Rich, I haven't seen answers to your question "  My question is where do I hook up the inverter to the rig's electrical system?" so I will try to give you some basic guidelines and options: 1) Of course, the Inverters DC I...  more
    • RichDi
      Rick & Lil July 29, 2020 I found (by talking to others) that unless you travel 8, 10, 12 hours a day you don't necessarily need an inverter to run the residential fridge. We drive usually 4 - 6 hours a day and the fridge only looses a couple of degrees (as long as you plan ahead ...  more
    • RichDi
      John T July 29, 2020 Rich, PS A quality Pure Sine Wave Inverter is powered by your DC battery bank, and unl ike when you're hooked to shore power, there's not as much concern with spikes and surges or damage caused by lightning strikes on the power line YOURE NOT ON THE UTILI...  more
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