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  • Our Porpoise Driven Life
    Our Porpoise Driven LifeRV Repair Club:
    August 6, 2020Experienced advice please! We need to replace our hot water heater and thinking about a tankless version. Is this a good decision?
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    • Our Porpoise Driven Life
      David Leslie Jasper & JoJo August 6, 2020 Electric or propane, or both by a selectable switch?  Do they make a "both?"
    • Our Porpoise Driven Life
      Our Porpoise Driven Life August 6, 2020 This one is electric ignition and propane heat
    • Our Porpoise Driven Life
      MamaFrizz August 6, 2020 I replaced mine with the Girard a few weeks ago. My son did the install. It takes a little bit of getting used to, since you don't use it quite the same way as the traditional hot water tank. That said, I am really loving it. I don't have to wait for wate...  more
    • Our Porpoise Driven Life
      MRJohnston August 6, 2020 We have the Dometic/Atwood instant water heater and like it, but it does have a learning curve.  The Girard has a better reputation as does the Truma, But The Truma must be installed by a dealer.  We will definitely look at the Girard when we ar...  more
    • Our Porpoise Driven Life
      Our Porpoise Driven Life August 6, 2020 Thank you both for your recommendations, it helps out this first timer!
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      • Our Porpoise Driven Life
        GlenM August 6, 2020 Do you ever dry camp or boondocks? If you do you may want to stick to one that will run on propane
    • Our Porpoise Driven Life
      Our Porpoise Driven Life August 6, 2020 I never have dry camped but good point, thanks
    • Our Porpoise Driven Life
      D&Tjourneys August 6, 2020 If you are still looking into this, you should check out this youtube video.  Jarad (All about RV's) is a fulltimer and has great videos about RVs. This video talks about the pros and cons of going tankless.
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