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  • Comstock
    August 9, 2020RV Newbies but very interested in Boondocking. Need to get the down low on what it takes and would appreciate resources or recommendations to begin investigating necessities, tips and tricks and any words of wisdom. Much appreciated!
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    • Comstock
      Dreamers and Travelers/ Tom & Prescott August 9, 2020 Look for this group:
      Solar and Alternative Energy for RV's
      Many helpful pointers and ideas for systems. YouTube has many videos as well.
    • Comstock
      Seann (the Canadian) August 9, 2020 Do a Google search for Boondocker Bob. He posts lots of articles on boondocking. Also check out RV travel e-zine. It's a free rving magazine on the web and it has lots of good articles in it of course they're always begging for you to send money but that'...  more
    • Comstock
      RitaB August 9, 2020 I agree with Seann. There are also a lot of You Tube videos on Boondocking. I don't do much Boondocking or dry camping, but I did get a second battery and have a portable solar suitcase to help recharge them. You will also have to be very careful with water use.
    • Comstock
      John T August 9, 2020 There's like HOURS of You Tube videos on boondocking as well as solar etc etc and there are some fine people on here who can answer questions once you get down to specifics. Take time do your homework think about an Energy Audit and remember "Any solar is...  more
    • Comstock
      Suzan and Art August 9, 2020 So much depends on what you feel is important while Boondocking (or RVing in general).  Start out with an overnight and see what you miss and what you need. I wouldn't spend thousands on a great solar system until you have some experience RVing and d...  more
    • Comstock
      Kathy Preble August 9, 2020 YouTube is loaded w/all kinds of RV/boondocking vids.
    • Comstock
      Glamper Jan August 9, 2020 It is all about conservation. Bring enough water a gallon A-day for each person. Take all your Box goods out of the boxes and put them in Plastic containers so they don't go stale. Bring a ton of zip lock bags because you can smash stuff in the refrigerat...  more
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      • Comstock
        Packratphyls August 9, 2020 Covered it pretty good! Freeze bottles of water and put in fridge and that will serve 2 purposes. Drinks and keep fried cold! I always make trail mix for snacks in zip lock bags so I don’t have to cook! Small propane blackstone grill can cook most meal...  more
      • Comstock
        TheClearyClan August 10, 2020 @Packratphyls, 50 odd years ago when I was a teenager, Mom would fill gallon milk containers with soup and put them in the deep freeze about a week before we would go camping. At that time we were tent campers and loved wilderness camping. Mom would use t...  more
    • Comstock
      Cinn August 10, 2020 Check out this very informative RVillage/RVoices article:
    • Comstock
      Jeep Guy August 11, 2020 You dont need solar to go boondocking if you have a generator. Its nice, but not a requirement. Conserve your water, conserve your power usage. Run your genny for a few hours to recharge your batteries as needed. (We run it while we prepare dinner,, maybe...  more
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