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  • LonghornsnArl
    LonghornsnArl Quartzsite BOONDOCKERS:
    August 11, 2020Hi everyone. We are very curious about Quartzsite. What should first timers know and is BLM land the way to go? Hope to gather information here and anywhere you recommend.
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    • LonghornsnArl
      SilverSport August 11, 2020 There are plenty of RV parks in Quartzsite, and they are pricey (IMO). What is your holding capacity, we carry 140G fresh & 150G G/B and have spent three weeks on BLM land (moving after 14 days). There are dump & fill stations in Q (we like The Pit Stop, ...  more
    • LonghornsnArl
      Ted&Sharon August 11, 2020 We usually arrive a little after the large crowds have dwindled down some.  Camping on BLM land is great, and when your freshwater starts getting low, &/or your black/gray tanks start getting full, then find a campground to stay in for a couple of da...  more
    • LonghornsnArl
      David Leslie Jasper & JoJo August 11, 2020 Parking:  There are several RV parks with full hookups.  During January you will need reservations.  Also, there are several BLM STVAs (Short Term Visitor Area) that are free but limited to 14 days.  STVAs do not have water or RV dumps...  more
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      • LonghornsnArl
        SilverSport August 11, 2020 I like going to Blythe for my major buys, closer & better highway, I like the Road Runner for grocery in Q (don't get fresh veggie, too costly) but meats are great, Coyote Fresh Foods is another small market that is good. Lots of food vendors also.
    • LonghornsnArl
      Kountry Travelers August 12, 2020 If you like Boondocking Quartzsite Arizona is a great place in the winter. We stay in the  Long term visitor area ( LTVA). For 180.00 dollars from September 15 to April 15 you can stay in any LTVA for as long as you want inside these dates. You also ...  more
    • LonghornsnArl
      juney bug August 12, 2020 Junky Wheels—— Is the $180 a week, month or for the whole 7 months?
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    • LonghornsnArl
      juney bug August 12, 2020 David &Leslie & Jasper, Junky Wheels, Ok. Cool. I’ve always wanted to go there sometime. Ibe gone by there when I lived in phx years ago on my travels around az n to California.
    • LonghornsnArl
      Michelle Park August 13, 2020 I get the long term visitor pass so I have fresh water and dump stations and garbage for free all winter and can move to different long term camp sites. 180.00 for seven months is the best bargain anywhere. I have plenty of solar so I don’t need hookups....  more
    • LonghornsnArl
      Michelle Park August 13, 2020 Also imperial dam let’s you set up a home base so you can put up a shade shelter or dog area and leave it when you go exploring or to check out other areas and it remains your spot for the season. Many people buy a cheap travel trailer or shed to house co...  more
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