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  • Running on Empty
    Running on Empty Tiffin Owners:
    August 18, 2020We have an Allegro Open Road 2013 36LA. We want to remove the L sofa. Has anyone removed theirs. We have contacted Tiffin and they are telling us we may have to take the passenger window out which would mean the awning would also have to be taken off. We...  more
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    • Running on Empty
      TodM August 18, 2020 Can’t tell you for sure about the L sofa but I have removed to different type of sleeper sofas all through the door they can be taken apart in pieces just unbolt everything you can both in Tiffins
    • Running on Empty
      Ken and Corinne August 18, 2020 Have you called Bob Tiffin to discuss the leather matter? We are not aware of their particular circumstances, but we have talked with people with the same issue and were told that Bob Tiffin ended up approving the change out.
    • Running on Empty
      Gary & Edi Koss August 18, 2020 Easy to do, have to take apart in pieces.,2 pieces for couch/bed section,2 section for little pull out section which is very heavy. Will take 2 strong people  to get it out , did our 31SA years ago replace with 2 recliners.  Also removed dinette...  more
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    • Running on Empty
      Rouleau's RV August 18, 2020 when I removed my jack-knife love sofa from my 06 Phaeton i just dismantled it in the coach.  
    • Running on Empty
      Display Name August 18, 2020 I used a4 in angle grinder and cut my sleeper sofa in pieces small enough to fit out my front door. Found a nice couch at Ikia store had to assemble it but it fit right in and looks good and I can recover when needed. Many colors available. Good luck we ...  more
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      • Running on Empty
        Running on Empty August 18, 2020 That is probably what we will do.  That ultra leather was awful. Looked nice for a few years then poof it was crap. BTW we lived in Jacksonville for 26 years then retired and moved back home. Thanks for the info. 
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        Display Name August 18, 2020 Where is home
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        Running on Empty August 19, 2020 Home is North Augusta, SC 
    • Running on Empty
      Charles & Patricia Irwin August 18, 2020 We have that L sofa. When we had it reupholstered the shop took it apart and took it out the door.  They reinstalled the same way.
    • Running on Empty
      jana0623 August 18, 2020 We have the same problem with the ultra-leather in our 2015 Phaeton 40AH. We replaced the chair and L shaped couch. The captain's chairs have the same issue, especially the passenger side, as it gets handled when comming in the door.  ...  more
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      • Running on Empty
        Running on Empty August 18, 2020 We will tackle the couch soon. Thank you for telling us how you took yours out.  We have replaced both captains seats and the recliner. We have had both dinette seat cushions recovered and 2 sections of the sofa. We have had it with this ultra leathe...  more
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