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  • Alen & Penny Marsh
    Alen & Penny Marsh RV Repair Club:
    August 19, 2020Does anyone know if there is a way to calibrate the thermostat sensors to show the correct temperature?My tstat is an RVComfort.2c. The ac's are Coleman Mach 3. The thermostat readout says 80 deg but the actual temp is 75deg. I have a 2018 HR Navigator...  more
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    • Alen & Penny Marsh
      Randy and Tina August 19, 2020 My Ac sensor in my HR is behind the passenger seat. It's always cooler in the living area because of where the sensor is located.
    • Alen & Penny Marsh
      Kevin & Leslie August 19, 2020 Is it the remote AC that’s wrong or the local one. Is the thermostat in the sun or in the path of a vent?
    • Alen & Penny Marsh
      Alen & Penny Marsh August 20, 2020 One sensor is located behind driver seat and other is located in the bedroom.  I checked the temp by both sensors with 2 different thermometers.  I am parked in a garage so no influence from the sun.   
    • Alen & Penny Marsh
      The Shipp ( Susan and David ) August 21, 2020 Old Analog thermostats had a tiny screw to change the tension on the bimetallic spring. I would not be surprised if there is an adjustment under the digital thermostat cover!
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