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  • Elizabeth Honneyman
    Elizabeth Honneyman Harvest Hosts :
    August 21, 2020We are surrounded by fires here in Half Moon Bay, Ca The campground, Coastanoa's KOA had to be evacuated and the parking lot in back of our local Safeway is now a temporary RV park. Smoke was everywhere until yesterday when the breeze came in off the o...  more
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    • Elizabeth Honneyman
      Double K (Kathy and Keith) August 21, 2020 Glad you made it to a safe place.
    • Elizabeth Honneyman
      Bret & Zeny Pemberton August 21, 2020 Just heard from my Neice and her family.  They live in Felton, CA in the Santa Cruz Mtn.  They had to leave their home 2 days ago and are worried that they will lose their home.  The fire as of this morning is only a mile away
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      • Elizabeth Honneyman
        Elizabeth Honneyman August 22, 2020 Keep us updated on your niece and her family.  Keeping positive thoughts for their safety and home.
    • Elizabeth Honneyman
      Becca Ray August 21, 2020 Wow-prayers for safety for all.
    • Elizabeth Honneyman
      Mike and Donna Wagner August 21, 2020 We are covered up with smoke and yesterday ash falling from the clouds. So far no immediate threat here in Oakdale CA. ~Donna
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      • Elizabeth Honneyman
        Elizabeth Honneyman August 22, 2020 Oh no...same here.   The air from Half Moon Bay to the east bay was so thick with smoke yesterday.
    • Elizabeth Honneyman
      Debbie in AL August 22, 2020 So Sad. My beloved California :'(
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