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  • TP3
    TP3RV Repair Club:
    August 28, 2020I have a rail on the side of my TT recently purchased. I have nothing in the trailer that “fits” this rail. It’s mounted right above a quick connect for the trailer propane. I assume this was for a gas grill, so I searched for gas grills to fit this rail...  more
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    • TP3
      pokeysRVadventures August 28, 2020 I've seen grills that mount or slide over those type of rails but not needed unless you want that type of grill.
    • TP3
      Freedom Cruisers - Dean & Angelina August 28, 2020 My TT came with a griddle that mounted on this type of rail. I sold it still in the box, as I use my Blackstone griddle. I just set up my griddle next to the LP quik connect from my trailer.
    • TP3
      2Swansons August 28, 2020 Ours was for a 2 burner propane stove
    • TP3
      Alice Nelson Robinson August 28, 2020 I have one for a grill, works great, got it at camping world
    • TP3
      Tony and Dot August 28, 2020 The propane quick connect below is for a grill and the pressure is already regulated as all the system in the trailer. So if you hookup a propane hose to from the quick connect to a grill the pressure will be reduce again resulting to a lower flame. So yo...  more
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    • TP3
      Randy Cudd August 28, 2020 You can buy the grill unit that fits at Walmart for about $100.00.
      Part number YSNHT400.
      Walmart #575946796
      It is an OK cooker..
    • TP3
      TP3 August 28, 2020 Thank you for the great thoughts.  Are there any suggestions for good equipment that could use this mounting options with links?  I would enjoy knowing which products have worked well for you.
    • TP3
      Tom & Barb August 28, 2020 Here's a photo, in case the Walmart photo is confusing.
    • TP3
      Tom & Barb August 28, 2020
    • TP3
      Keith K August 28, 2020 when I had a popup trailer years ago, that outside bracket is for taking the inside stove and using it outside.
    • TP3
      TeamFoxy August 28, 2020 We had a rail mount grill when we had a trailer but I never liked having fire so close to the trailer. Our solution now is to use a tabletop grill with a 5# Manchester cylinder. Its easy to store and we fill it when we fill the built in tank on the motorh...  more
    • TP3
      TP3 August 28, 2020 Great thoughts, thank you for sharing your ideas and experiences.  Wishing you a great weekend.
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