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  • ActiveLife
    ActiveLifeWhy didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks:
    September 3, 2020I made drawers for the storage area in the dinette seats. This makes it so much easier to access the storage area. I used plastic bins to organize the items in the drawers. I used 1" metal bearings for the drawers to roll on. When it is closed there is a ...  more
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    • ActiveLife
      Fili September 3, 2020 Thats awesome, i hate looking for stuff under there, always taking the cushions off! Thanks
    • ActiveLife
      Marsha & Matthew September 3, 2020 Love this. Hate moving all the cushions to get in there. Now to get my handy guy to do it!
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      • ActiveLife
        ActiveLife September 3, 2020 My husband didn't do it. I did. You can make it too. It's a learning process. You learn from mistakes. The hard part was just starting. Now I love making changes to our trailer.
    • ActiveLife
      Cinn September 3, 2020 Nice work! I don't have a carpenter onboard, so I bought plastic under-bed bins and left the lids off to use a storage "drawers" under the dinette seats. How else are we supposed to get at everything under there?
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      • ActiveLife
        ActiveLife September 3, 2020 That's a great way to take care of the problem. I didn't think of putting food in that area.
      • ActiveLife
        Cinn September 4, 2020 I put those heavy canned goods down below so they don't come flying out of overhead cabinets and cause major injuries—especially the glass jars!
    • ActiveLife
      Dawneen September 3, 2020 I am going to make something like the pull out storage for my truck.  I pull a bumper pull converted horse trailer and have a truck with a canopy on it.  It is great for hauling hay (I use the horse trailer to haul the horse then convert it into...  more
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      • ActiveLife
        ActiveLife September 3, 2020 Sounds like a plan. I love seeing what other people do and see what can work for me. Enjoy your project. :)
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