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  • TarHeels
    TarHeels RV Repair Club:
    September 6, 2020Heres an electrical issue. My next door neighbor says to me I have no 120 power to my a/c or microwave. I take my fluke and check pedestal and no issues. Go inside and place lead of fluke in ground slot of receptacle and one in hot side. Reads 120 now lea...  more
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    • TarHeels
      David Leslie Jasper & JoJo September 6, 2020 If the pedestal is correctly wired, then either the cord between the pedestal and RV is incorrectly wired or shorted internally, or the RV is incorrectly wired or shorted somewhere internally.  I am surprised the pedestal breaker didn't break.
    • TarHeels
      Alen & Penny Marsh September 6, 2020 The neutral is loose some whear and getting a feed back on it through something or plugged in or an appliance that is connected.
    • TarHeels
      hammer55 Mark & Annette September 6, 2020 if you are plugged in to the pedestal you will get 120 to ground and 120 to neutral also, the ground and the neutral are tied together at the panel, even if they were not you would get 120 to either one, there has to be a problem inside the coach or trail...  more
    • TarHeels
      MRJohnston September 6, 2020 You should not have any voltage between ground and neutral. Check out and by Mike Sokol. You don’t say if 30 amp or 50 amp so I’m including pics of both.
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    • TarHeels
      MRJohnston September 6, 2020 One more thing, you could get a tester like this one:
    • TarHeels
      C & C & J September 6, 2020 could be the outlet is wired backwards.  simple as that  and I am a master electrician 
    • TarHeels
      DougLin September 7, 2020 Ather thoughts; were other receptacles checked? Were there devices running or plugged in that might cause feedback?
    • TarHeels
      TarHeels September 7, 2020 I checked all receptacles. Thanks for the help.
    • TarHeels
      John T September 7, 2020 TarHeels, as a retired electrical power distribution design engineer I basically agree with the master electrician Cliff H, it could be as simple as somethings not wired correct or of course it may be something else, hard to say over the net with so littl...  more
    • TarHeels
      C & C & J September 7, 2020 agree if it is a TRUE neutral there should be no power from neutral to ground,,   NONE,,  as always,, if you have no or hardly any electrical knowledge.  a experience electrical person should be included and the problem found..    ...  more
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