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  • WDK450
    WDK450Thousand Trails:
    September 7, 2020Heat, Fire and power outages in San Diego Area:

    I am currently staying at TT Oakzanita Springs in the mountains East of San Diego. There is a big fire across I-8 about 10 miles South of here. Same fire about 10 miles East of Pio Pico TT park. Weather has...  more
    • WDK450
      Ron & Ulli September 7, 2020 Stay safe
    • WDK450
      SoloSteve September 7, 2020 Yeah, I’m up by Yosemite on a friend’s property, waiting to see if we will be evacuated. Big fire here just south of Hwy 41 entrance. Lots of smoke, can hear helicopters overhead, probably dropping retardant. Was going to head south, but maybe not such a ...  more
    • WDK450
      Paddyo September 7, 2020 Have they started talking about evacuating area? I wish you safety.
    • WDK450
      WDK450 September 7, 2020 An evacuation alert came on my cellphone this morning, but it was for some small rural areas 10 miles South, across I-8 which is about 4 miles South of Oakzanita. CalFire is activating a mutual aid agreement they have with the Navy and Marines and getting...  more
    • WDK450
      WDK450 September 8, 2020 Update on the Valley Fire near Pio Pico and Oakzanita preserves: Per CalFire: " The Valley Fire continues to show rapid rates of spread being pushed by a westerly wind and burning to the east . . ."   Pio Pico is to the West,  Oakzanita is ...  more
    • WDK450
      madgoan September 8, 2020 Fire seems to be burning to the south and east but be ready to move quickly. Santa Ana winds can change quickly and the fire can change and time is of the essence. We lived there and through many fires, one of which took our home in an area not far from t...  more
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