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  • Gus and Jude
    Gus and JudeWhy didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks:
    September 16, 2020Can't seem to keep water in toilet bowl...any ideas on how to fix that?
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    • Gus and Jude
      wyndysweep September 16, 2020 That happened to us. We had to change out the seal in the toilet that keeps water in the bowl. You have to remove the toilet to do that, but it’s not difficult. Get the part first.
    • Gus and Jude
      Gail&Bill September 16, 2020 You may have to replace the rubber seal on the ball valve. First try wiping the rubber seal clean (both sides) and coat it with some plumbing grease. Some people have tried other things that work, you may have to Google it. Someone else may answer with an...  more
    • Gus and Jude
      pokeysRVadventures September 16, 2020 Do as posted above and clean it first and grease with plumbers grease underneath.. If you do replace the toilet bowl seal with your RV being a 2018 the flush pedal should be on the right side. You won't need to remove the toilet. Just replace the seal fro...  more
    • Gus and Jude
      wannabervin September 16, 2020 We’ve been dealing with that since we purchased new in 2018. Dealer keeps replacing the seal and we keep telling them it still isn’t working. It’s an intermittent problem. Manifests a few times each week. TBD what happens next.
    • Gus and Jude
      Diana808 September 16, 2020 Our entire toilet had to be replaced after two years of full timing as the seal could not be replaced. We learned from the technician not to lubricate or condition the seal with petroleum jelly as it solidifies. Use vegetable oil instead.
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    • Gus and Jude
      Mel, Willa Kraft September 17, 2020 We have had the same issue, toilet not holding water.  I cleaned the the ball and scrub it real good. Mine is a ball and found the leading edge was chewed up so I filed it smooth.  Now I add a little cheap vegetable oil and rock it back and fort...  more
    • Gus and Jude
      John & Ann Martin September 18, 2020 Thoroughly clean the bowl using spray on all purpose cleaner (409 or Simple Green) and sprinkle with baking soda.  Using a dish brush (you bought just for this purpose) clean the bowl, the rubber gasket and the entire ball valve.   Put a SM...  more
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