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  • 2 blonds & A RedHead
    2 blonds & A RedHeadRV Repair Club:
    September 17, 2020Just finished my fridge repair I went with the jc-refrigeration cooling unit the 12 volt version. New cooling unit is a regular compressor style unit. Woke this morning and freezer was at 9* and fridge was at 34* fridge is set at 7. 9 is the coldest I thi...  more
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    • 2 blonds & A RedHead
      pokeysRVadventures September 17, 2020 Amish made I just read. They do quality work.
    • 2 blonds & A RedHead
      2 blonds & A RedHead September 17, 2020 yes they do plus half the price as a OEM unit and a three year warranty. OEM cooling unit only has a six month warranty plus you can purchase an another three years to the warranty
    • 2 blonds & A RedHead
      John T September 17, 2020 2 blonds, CONGRATULATIONS can you give us a figure of how many Amp Hours (or Watt Hours) of Energy is required to power that fridge over a 24 hour period???

      A curious John T
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      • 2 blonds & A RedHead
        2 blonds & A RedHead September 19, 2020 Jc-refrigeration web site has that but I believe the 12v unit draws 90w
    • 2 blonds & A RedHead
    • 2 blonds & A RedHead
      JKL Sunderland January 22, 2021 I seem to have a rather unusual problem with my Dometic refrigerator. All of the other comments I find deal with the fridge not getting cold enough. I have the opposite problem. No matter what we try, we have to turn our fridge off and/or leave the door o...  more
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