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  • Badang
    BadangHandy RV Tools and tips :
    September 23, 2020I have a 1991 spirit R.V. and when I turn on the power to the fuse box it makes a buzzing sound. Any suggestions?
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    • Badang
      Craig and Kim Parker September 23, 2020 What breaker and what is buzzing? The breaker itself or something else?
    • Badang
      Seann (the Canadian) September 23, 2020 Not enough information given. But it could be the converter
    • Badang
      Badang September 23, 2020 Sorry guy's it looks like this. Its a loud buzzing sound from either box itself a fuse. Just not sure. I was hoping someone had a similar issue and maybe can help me. This is my first time owning an R.V. so I really don't know much about them. But im wil...  more
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      • Badang
        David Leslie Jasper & JoJo September 24, 2020 Look at the picture.  The documentation on the lower-left seems to indicate the location and that there is a "converter charger" built into the panel behind the removable plate.  It's the "converter charger" that is buzzing.  They all buzz....  more
    • Badang
      Craig and Kim Parker September 23, 2020 Maybe we can help you narrow it down. Which breaker of these in your picture, is it that the buzzing sound begins when you turn it on? Sorry for the late reply. I work 3pm to 11pm
    • Badang
      Eggman September 24, 2020 You will hear a slight buzzing or humming sound when plugged into shore power. It is just the electricity going through the system. You will notice that it may get slightly louder when you turn on more lights but if it is really loud you are right to get ...  more
    • Badang
      2sheps September 24, 2020 Try turning the breakers off one at a time until the buzzing stops.
    • Badang
      Trailerite September 24, 2020 Ours makes a noise depending on the DC appliance that's running. It's not a buzzing though. It sounds more like a ventilation fan to cool the fuses.
    • Badang
      Wncol September 24, 2020 Things that can cause buzzing in or on the power distribution panel. The converter is mounted either under or behind that power panel. It will hum quietly to it self when ac is powered on. If the converter is going bad, the h...  more
    • Badang
      Jim & Sharon Ham September 24, 2020 On our rig, the converter makes enough buzzing noise that we hit the breaker and turn it off at night.  No problems, just old and annoying.
    • Badang
      Cinn September 24, 2020 Turn off all power to the fusebox (there should be a battery disconnect switch somewhere) and tighten down all those lugs in the fusebox. Driving around rattles them loose over time. I have a reminder on my calendar to do this once/year.
    • Badang
      Bounder Travelers September 25, 2020 My converter is in the basement where we can't hear it. Buzzing is likely the transformer. It has a laminated iron core with coils of enamel-insulated wire. The core is comprised of thin sheets of lacquered iron held together by long rivets. If the core i...  more
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