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  • Delayne
    DelayneWhy didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks:
    September 28, 2020Interested in space saving tips
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    • Delayne
      Kenda B September 28, 2020 Purge!  Command hooks are your friend.  The "as seen on tv" hangers that fit 5 hangers then collapse down work great.  Clear refrigerator tubs for all kinds of kitchen and bathroom items.  Organize and purge.
    • Delayne
      Carl and Brenda September 28, 2020 Packing cubes--made to organize suitcases--are great for keeping folded clothes organized. They stack and you do not have to rifle through piles of clothes to find what you want.
    • Delayne
      Denny & Barb September 28, 2020
    • Delayne
      TwoStahrs September 28, 2020 I also agree with the hooks that hanging five hangers on one hook. I also would say that anything soft sided is your friend anything hard sided is your enemy. At least in my case because every time I have tried to play Tetris with a bunch of hard sided tu...  more
    • Delayne
      John & Ann Martin September 29, 2020 Read the label on command hook packages for the weight limit on the hook.  When you attach the hook to whatever, the attachment area needs to be clean and allow the hook to cure for 24 hours prior to hanging anything on it.  When traveling, reme...  more
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      • Delayne
        Mel and Sherry October 1, 2020 If you have something that rather heavy and are sure that is where you want the hanger, I have used 1/8 inch mollys, the ones that have 4 wings that spread out when tightening the screw. Be aware that there will be a hole and they are hard to remove.
    • Delayne
      John & MK Harpel September 29, 2020 Those hooks will sometimes pull the wall coverings loose
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      • Delayne
        campingcoopers September 29, 2020 Command ripped off our wall covering,, and we had very little weight on it! 😡
      • Delayne
        Jenna & The ZARGON September 29, 2020 Yes, when applied correctly, Command Hooks work great and will show clearly, how crappy most RV's are made.    :(    If you want to hang something heavy"ish" try and find a "stud" behind the wall and use an appropriate screw.   Dr...  more
    • Delayne
      Bounder Travelers September 29, 2020 With your info when clicking on Delayne you don't mention RV type, style brand or any info that could help. 
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