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  • wannabervin
    wannabervin Grand Design RV Community:
    October 1, 2020A question for those with a front bedroom and a propane generator in the front compartment under the nose below the bedroom: Have you ever run the generator overnight to power ac, res fridge, etc,? Any concerns about CO?
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    • wannabervin
      Double K (Kathy and Keith) October 1, 2020 That would concern even during the day. We keep ours on the rear carrier. Never ran it overnight, most places require you to turn off by 9 or 10.
    • wannabervin
      Joe and Lynette October 1, 2020 Installation of an Onan 5500 generator in the front compartment of our 2017 Solitude 384GK includes running the exhaust pipe back behind the front bedroom slide.  Also have CO monitors in the trailer.  Never had a problem, but have  not run...  more
    • wannabervin
      sgrol October 2, 2020 Don't have a propane but a gasoline 5500 Onan under front bedroom. I have no concerns with CO. Also have CO detector in trailer. Run day and night with no concerns.
    • wannabervin
      Tracey Francis October 3, 2020 We stayed in a Walmart parking lot in the height of summer so needed that generator to keep the AC going. The exhaust pipe is routed to the rear of the bedroom slide so you’d need to be mindful of wind direction if you plan to open the window. The low dro...  more
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      • wannabervin
        wannabervin October 3, 2020 Any idea on how much propane that used?
      • wannabervin
        Tracey Francis October 9, 2020 Hmm couldn’t really say. Less than a tank for sure.
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