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  • KayMark
    KayMarkFlorida Snowbirds:
    October 2, 2020What do people think about how filled the various campgrounds in Florida will be this Winter ?
    Are Canadians going to FL this year ?
    Are Snowbirds canceling reservations because of worries of Covid ?
    Are families going to be camping more while they dista...  more
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    • KayMark
      BLSMSS (Brenda &Marc) October 2, 2020 Wow, that’s a lot of questions. I can answer one question, doesn’t look like anyone many are canceling their reservations. A couple parks we were looking into were almost full, that’s in TX.
    • KayMark
      Nancy Applegate October 2, 2020 Many of the parks in FL are already full until the Spring! The Canadians aren’t coming. There are many many newbies buying RVs and hitting the road, though, to more than make up for them.
    • KayMark
      Jim & Sharon Ham October 2, 2020 Great questions that we have wondered about as we try to decide if we stay home in snow or do our usual snowbird thing.   Since almost every private park in FL where we have spent the winter season is always full, we bet the same for this year.&...  more
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    • KayMark
      Running on Empty October 3, 2020 Good questions. We are going to be in FL again this winter I'm not sure of what it will be like.our park is 55+ so I wonder if they will change that. I don't believe we will see Canadians this winter. 
    • KayMark
      TeamFoxy October 3, 2020 The park that we stay at in FL has had record numbers of calls. Glad that we own our lot and don't have to worry.
    • KayMark
      Jim & Sharon Ham October 3, 2020 The Texas Hill Country is looking more inviting every day as FL tales of full campgrounds and Covid reports fill the news.
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      • KayMark
        KayMark October 4, 2020 The Hill Country and the Mississippi Gulf coast would probably be similar choices for temperature and cost in the Winter. Both of them are primarily Summer destinations with 60's weather in Jan. & Feb.
    • KayMark
      Jim & Sharon Ham October 4, 2020 60's sure beats Zero degrees and a foot of snow. :P :)
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