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  • Jenabea
    JenabeaNew RVillagers Group:
    October 2, 2020Hello , I just got my first camper so I'm new at everything. Going to try to winterize it in about a month. Been looking up various ways, some use air compressor to blow lines out, some use RV antifreeze. Which is best ?
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    • Jenabea
      Tim & Teresa Clemmer October 2, 2020 I prefer doing both.
    • Jenabea
      Gail&Bill October 2, 2020 I do both, air then antifreeze.
    • Jenabea
      SouthParkSteve October 2, 2020 The temp has dropped to -35F at my house, so we can get very cold.  I don't use the antifreeze in my fresh water system--I just make sure to blow out the lines really well (don't forget the outside shower!).  Then, I DO use a gallon of the antif...  more
    • Jenabea
      TheClearyClan October 2, 2020 I used this video to learn how to winterize my motorhome. The only variation I did was to pump about 5 gallons of antifreeze into my empty fresh water tank. For me to get to the hose to pump it out of the jugs I need to pull the master bed out. I have a h...  more
    • Jenabea
      Rv Hamel October 3, 2020 Live just a little south of u in Virginia and I use a compressor to blow out the lines then add anti freeze to the sink, shower and lavatory traps. Cheaper than using anti freeze in everything and no flushing systems in the spring. Just don’t forget your ...  more
    • Jenabea
      Earl & Kat October 3, 2020 Hi Jenabea, and welcome. From my time as a Property Preservationist, I only used Air to blow down the lines after emptying all the lines of water. But then again, I'm in the Northeast corner of NC, so we don;t get that many freeze days.As for the RV we bu...  more
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