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    We are OPEN and accepting reservations!!!!! Gunsmoke RV Park is now offering RVillagers a 10% percent discount! Just mention the promotional code: GUNSMOKE10 when calling to book your stay with us at: 620-227-8247
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  • Rving711
    Rving711RV Pets:
    October 3, 2020I went camping with my dog and the temperature dropped down to the '30s at night. I have a heater with a thermostat and soon discovered we were toasty warm for a short period. The rig cooled right back down toward the outside temp. I was fine under a wool...  more
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    • Rving711
      SouthParkSteve October 3, 2020 If you are at a campground with electric hookups, I have one of those oil filled radiator heaters in mine to keep the temp somewhat reasonable when it is parked in my driveway for the winter.  The electric heats up the oil, and THAT keeps the rig war...  more
    • Rving711
      Mike & Michele Allen October 3, 2020 We have warm blankets our dog lays on and a blanket we put on her. I sleep hot so during the winter it is cold in the house at night. She expects to be covered up anyway. In the motorhome I keep it freezing even in the summer so she gets the warm blankets...  more
    • Rving711
      KinOkyDit919 October 3, 2020 I have a blanket just  for her
    • Rving711
      SandyLadybug October 3, 2020 Our two had their own sleeping bags. 😋If it was cold enough, they would sleep in them, otherwise they slept on top. Hey, they were camping after all! 😆
    • Rving711
      J&KClarke October 3, 2020 Sweet babies!!!
    • Rving711
      Larry Holbrook October 3, 2020 I generally avoid cold weather, but if it does get cold, my propane furnace maintains a comfortable in my camper temperature - As I read other posts, I realized that I do have a couple doggie sweatshirts (hoodies) for her - but we aren't outs...  more
    • Rving711
      Rev Jim October 4, 2020 I travel with 3 fur babies and they each have their own 12 Volt blankets for their beds. Keeps them nice and comfortable and uses very little power.
    • Rving711
      WeekendRamblers1 (Tammy1 & Larry2) October 4, 2020 We have two small dogs and put sweaters on them at night.
    • Rving711
      Suzzyv October 4, 2020 Mine sleep with me we stay toasty warm...
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      • Rving711
        Tony & Shari October 4, 2020 Our current German Shepherd Ella likes to snuggle on the bed at night when it is cold.
    • Rving711
      Martha & Brad (BoyerWeLucky) October 6, 2020 Our two little ones have their bed pillow in front of the fireplace, which allows us to keep the bedroom door closed the room cool.  They also sleep under a blanket.
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