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  • D&MMeier
    D&MMeierThor Motor Coach Community :
    October 4, 2020Hi, we just bought a 2013 Thor Palazzo 33.2 and it has an over the drivers seat loft bed. It did not come with a mattress. Can anyone tell me the size and what kind of a mattress can go up there? Also, where do I get it?
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    • D&MMeier
      Hansens October 4, 2020 It is a true full size bed. The original bed was terrible even my 10 year grandson said it was bad. We had one made for it cause has to be only 4 inches thick.
    • D&MMeier
      Glenn & Jeanne October 4, 2020 My 2014 Palazzo has an inflatable mattress for the overhead bunk. We found it in the storage area under the bed, along with the pump to inflate it.
    • D&MMeier
      The Girls ( Yvonne & Laura) October 5, 2020 We use a air mattress. Very cheap at Walmart and it easily deflated and stays up there all the time. 
    • D&MMeier
      RMAC October 5, 2020 We use the air mattress that came with the unit. I deflate and leave it there.
    • D&MMeier
      TheNewMexicoVagabonds October 6, 2020 I use a queen 2 inch topper for the too. All my mattresses and pillows have an allergy cover on them. I take my sheets and sew them smaller to fit at each corner. Works like a charm. Bought mattress top at Walmart
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