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  • Brad and Lennae
    Brad and Lennae RV Education 101:
    October 5, 2020We have a slow propane leak around the oven area. If the coach is shut up for a couple days we smell it, but dissipates once we run the max fan and open windows. We've sprayed soapy water on all the connections we can find, but to no avail. suggesti...  more
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    • Brad and Lennae
      Dreamers and Travelers/ Tom & Prescott October 5, 2020 Strangely, we tend to notice that wonderful fragrance when one tank get low. Switch to other side to see if addresses what you smell.
    • Brad and Lennae
      Jenna & The ZARGON October 5, 2020 Just thinking you might want to take the stove apart as much as you can and check the valves near the burners.  & of course... be very very careful about sparks or open flames.  If there is an external shut off... I'd make sure it's off when sto...  more
    • Brad and Lennae
      TJ_Moroney October 5, 2020 Simple propane sniffers are pretty cheap. I would suggest investing in one. Home Depot or Lowes. Probably find at RV store. For fun, turn on and light all top burners. Then turn off quickly. Might check front furnance area, and back of Refrigerator...  more
    • Brad and Lennae
      Canoelover October 6, 2020 KeeI going until you find the source.  Same with any gas appliance when you smell it in your home something is not functioning properly.  
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