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  • GlenM
    GlenM Why didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks:
    October 5, 2020Roof top AC
    I am parked in a camp ground where it will be parked for the rest of the year.while there today I noticed bees or wasps buzzing around the AC unit...what have others done to keep them from nesting inside the shroud?
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    • GlenM
      MRJohnston October 5, 2020 Can you put some kind of screening or mosquito netting around it while stored?   Maybe velcro to hold it in place.
    • GlenM
      Rick & Dorothy Myers October 6, 2020 I cut pieces of window screen material and used silicone to attach it to the inside of the A/C cover over the vent holes  So far, so good
    • GlenM
      BLSMSS (Brenda &Marc) October 6, 2020 Yep, we do the same, along with our dryer vent, propane and frig if can.
    • GlenM
      John & Ann Martin October 7, 2020 Flea Collars - they don't like the smell.
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      • GlenM
        sfried2487 October 9, 2020 Where do you put them?
    • GlenM
      John & Ann Martin October 10, 2020 Put a flea collar in the back cavity of the water heater, refrigerator, wherever needed to repel wasps, etc.
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    The self-closing design on the R.V Bug Stop keeps the slider on the R.Vs screen door closed. Installation is simple and requires no tools. just pull off the film from the tape and attach it to the horizontal rail under the slider. no more yelling at someone for leaving the slider open. with no bugs coming in you can sit back and relax thanks to the R. V. Bug Stop.