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  • Larry&Dawn
    Larry&DawnFlorida Snowbirds:
    October 7, 2020We will heading south end of December for our first snowbird journey. Since weather in MI during Nov/Dec I will need to winterize the water system shortly. I am looking for advice on best technique for fresh water system (RV antifreeze or blow out with ai...  more
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    • Larry&Dawn
      Jim & Sharon Ham October 7, 2020 All of us Northern Snowbirds face this same situation.  For us, it happens every January, so we have to get pretty far South to flush the system.   1. The blow out with air works well IF you take time to do it well.&nb...  more
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      • Larry&Dawn
        Larry&Dawn October 7, 2020 Thanks for the insight. 1. I wondered about how to protect the pump. Thx for the tip. 2. I've used RV antifreeze in the past. Just seems like flushing/sanitizing is a bit awkward on the way down, we are planning to Boondock. ...  more
    • Larry&Dawn
      wannabervin October 8, 2020 Some people do both. You shouldn’t have any freezing issues once you are in your rig and on your way south. No need to delay dewinterizing until you get to warmer climate. But you’d need to be on a sewer hook up to flush out the antifreeze if you go that route.
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      • Larry&Dawn
        Larry&Dawn October 8, 2020 Thx. I was hoping to fill some fresh water to use along the way. Your affixed is appreciated!
    • Larry&Dawn
      Jim & Sharon Ham October 8, 2020 You asked, so here is our idea in this year of uncertain changing plans.  We plan to pull the plug and drain, clean, and dry the water heater with air. Then use the air to blow all the water out of the lines as usual, but NOT disconnect the pump.&nbs...  more
    • Larry&Dawn
      KayMark October 8, 2020 If you put a bypass between the water tank and the pump with a hose attached, you can put that hose into the jug of pink stuff. It will be pumped into the system and winterize your pump at the same time. If you have a bypass for the water heater, y...  more
    • Larry&Dawn
      Penny and Bill October 11, 2020 Hi Larry and Dawn. We are like you guys, live in MI and boondocks on the way south. I usually watch the weather and if it’s not going to be to cold I’ll unwinterize before we leave. If it is too cold we carry 3-4 gallons of water to flush the commode and ...  more
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