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  • Tootiefruity
    TootiefruityWhy didn't I think of that? Tips and Tricks:
    October 9, 2020How hard is it to install a ceiling fan in a travel trailer? I have a 31' Keystone Hornet.
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    • Tootiefruity
      C & C & J October 9, 2020 depends on the ceiling/roof - supports and where you are going to get your power from and then a switch somewhere,,    maybe very simple but it can get very complicated fast,   hard to tell. but I am sure others that have your type of campe...  more
    • Tootiefruity
      AZRickey October 9, 2020 It's not hard if you have a ceiling vent installed. Amazon has kits to install a powered vent. The only issue is running power to it. Talk to your manufacturer and get a drawing form them for the roof. Also ask if they prewired. The vent in my couch ...  more
    • Tootiefruity
      Dan-n-Jo October 10, 2020 Not hard at all. Many times your current "non-fan" ceiling vents already have wires for a ceiling fan to be installed. At least the last 3 RV's (TT, 5th wheel, class A motorhome) were all wired. Remove the few screws that hold the inside framing on and ta...  more
    • Tootiefruity
      Tootiefruity October 10, 2020 Thank yall so much!
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    The 125 was built to bring the luxury of hydronic heating to Class B camper vans. Diesel or gasoline models available that are high altitude capable up to 16,000 feet – ideal for off grid camping with the option to use electric elements when shore power is available. Get heat where you want it and hot water when you need it anywhere the road takes you!