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  • SnKV
    SnKVNew RVillagers Group:
    October 9, 2020Hi, We just bought our first RV a travel trailer and are headout out on our maiden voyage in a few days. Question: Is it safe to use regular household cleaners in the shower, toilet, sinksaaa that will go into our grey water tank or do we need special ...  more
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    • SnKV
      Adam and Jess October 9, 2020 Our shower had a sticker from the manufacturer on it telling us certain chemicals that we couldn’t use to clean it. I use a mixture of distilled water and Castile soap that doesn’t have citrus in it to clean all of my surfaces. if I need a good scrub on t...  more
    • SnKV
      Outofsightadventures October 9, 2020 I have found the best thing to use is dawn and vinegar mixture, and the magic erase sponge is great to do a quick sliding glass door clean up (cuts right through the hard water marks) or erasing the shoe marks or any scuffs on commode, sink and shower wal...  more
    • SnKV
      SouthParkSteve October 9, 2020 As long as you don't use anything that will eat holes in plastic, you should be fine.  If you see "septic safe" on anything, that would be an added level of comfort, but probably not critical.  If you were to leave the tanks full of.....things.....  more
    • SnKV
      Becca Ray October 9, 2020 Ditto the ‘No bleach’ especially if dealing with any rubber sealing rings like in the toilet bowl system-will make the seals deteriorate faster causing leaks. We use either Dawn or White Vinegar diluted with Distilled water (to prevent leavi...  more
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