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  • TK&Em
    TK&EmNew RVillagers Group!:
    October 11, 2020Good afternoon!
    We have another question around here. We’re still shopping for RVs and trying to stay under 30’ models. We have only found two that have washer/dryer preps without going to 31’ or longer. Our question is, we don’t plan to be boondocking,...  more
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    • TK&Em
      Jesse & Sue October 11, 2020 Most all campgrounds have washers and dryers. You can check the website before you go there to make sure they have them.  If you are going a month or two at a time, I’d use the campground washers and dryers, and have extra room/storage in your...  more
    • TK&Em
      Dave&Jo October 11, 2020 We have been full-time for three years and don't see the need nor want a w/d. They are expensive, take small loads and can add a lot of humidity to your trailer. Most campgrounds have a laundromat. My wife prefers to do laundry less often and doing se...  more
    • TK&Em
      Dogbert October 11, 2020 We travel long distances over months long trips. Not once have we wished for a W&D. Most parks have decent laundry facilities. The only issue every now and then is getting in them. The laundry might be occupied by others. Occasionally we have had to ...  more
    • TK&Em
      Don Cunningham October 11, 2020 Many campground do have w/ds. Our MH has its own and we have used them often. Loads are not as big as at home, but adequate for two people. With a 30 footer I would question giving up the space. Another point is that campground washers can be expensive an...  more
    • TK&Em
      Ron & Cherie October 11, 2020 Jayco 27rlds has w/d hookups
    • TK&Em
      Double K (Kathy and Keith) October 11, 2020 I use camogrounds or go to town. Didnt want to lose storage or worry about water. We dry camp maybe half the time now and are fulltime and do laundry about every 3 weeks.
    • TK&Em
      Jim and Jan Hollis October 11, 2020 We have had individual washer and dryer in our rig (38ft Type A gas) since 2015 and LOVE having them.  We stay at campgrounds and do some boondocking but we would see them as a "game-changer" in our mind.  
    • TK&Em
      Candy and the dogs October 11, 2020 I google search for the nearest fluff and fold. For about $1 a pound you can get your laundry washed dried and folded ready for same day pick up. Don’t forget all that water needs to be dumped. At most campgrounds you can get full hook ups. I like to stay...  more
    • TK&Em
      Dan&Jo October 12, 2020 We have a 30' class A motorhome and have a portable washing machine that we use. It is only large enough for 1 queen sheet and 2 pillow cases at one time but cleans very well and is quite quiet. We simply place it in the shower when we travel and take it ...  more
    • TK&Em
      sailsam October 12, 2020 TK & Em - My wife and I have been full time for only 3 years and 17 states, but we've not missed a washer and dryer en been in many parks - between all three west coas So we've ough to give up storage space and we don't miss paying for the repairs.  ...  more
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      • TK&Em
        Dan&Jo October 12, 2020 For us, our washing machine is an investment that has paid for itself 3 times over as of right now. Laundry averages about $2.00 for washing and $2.00 for drying, it does not take long for that to add up. The space ours take up is negligible since there i...  more
    • TK&Em
      sailsam October 12, 2020 Yes - The VAST majority of RV parks do have laundry facilities with multiple washers and dryers.  My wife and I have only been on the road for only three years in a 30 foot bunkhouse model travel trailer and haven't missed  having them.  Sh...  more
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