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  • The Miller 7
    The Miller 7Fulltime RV Family Life:
    October 12, 2020Hi. We are a family of 7. We just bought our camper in Sept. I have been trying to convince my husband to sell our house & live in our camper. We have a camper so baby steps I guess. I have been trying to convince him that it is possible & that others are...  more
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    • The Miller 7
      Andy & Maureen T October 12, 2020 Great pic
    • The Miller 7
      Karbar October 12, 2020 The kids are so cute, we are F.time and love it! Do it you will love it
    • The Miller 7
      Warren and Terry of NE PA October 12, 2020 Nice photo, great looking family.
    • The Miller 7
      Steve & Donna L StClair October 12, 2020 My husband and I are full time we don't have small kids they are grown with families of their own but we do have 3 four legged babies that lives with us we enjoy it but I wish he would retire so we can travel
    • The Miller 7
      Thesebluebirddays October 13, 2020 Same with us! Fulltime w 7 and a fish named Shark2
    • The Miller 7
      D&S-Dean October 13, 2020 Great looking family!
    • The Miller 7
      Adventuring Andersons October 16, 2020 There are lots of Fulltiming Families. Best advice I can give is...if you can afford to rent out your house instead of selling do so. If you have enough property, setup a RV pad off to the side to return to for family/friend visits. Stretching to maintain...  more
    • The Miller 7
      Susan M. Davis November 16, 2020 Ditto what my friends the @Adventuring Andersons said.  There are a lot of us fulltiming with kids.  Sitting here in this park the last two weeks we've been surrounded by fulltime kids many with large families.  
    • The Miller 7
      Patte M November 18, 2020 What an amazing photo! Each one of them smiling. Living in the camper is an amazing education for those kids. And Memories will happen that they will remember all their life. 
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