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Feed Post

  • NVBelle
    NVBelle RV Repair Club:
    October 16, 2020Hello all.
    My bathroom sink drain smells like a swamp when I run water down it.

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    • NVBelle
      Craig and Kim Parker October 16, 2020 You can add some grey tank freshener. Most Walmart’s carry it in the rv aisle. You could probably pour a little bleach water mix into your sink and shower drains if you can’t find grey tank freshener.
    • NVBelle
      spike610 October 16, 2020 vinegar/white
    • NVBelle
      pokeysRVadventures October 16, 2020 There's a vent connected to the top at the p trap just like a house. Yours being an '05 it's most likely bad. I had the same issue with my kitchen sink drain. It just pulls off and put a new one on. Lowe's etc.has them. Here's one on Amazon. https...  more
    • NVBelle
      Cinn October 16, 2020 I actually cleaned the drain pipe from above with a soapy bottle brush, and that helped for a long time (a few months) until the pipe got gummed up again. (Time to get another bottle brush.) Toss the bottle brush after one use, they are cheap enough at Walmart.
    • NVBelle
      C & C & J October 16, 2020 baking soda.    with warm water
    • NVBelle
      MRJohnston October 16, 2020 A home remedy that worked for us is baking soda mixed with a little salt, poured down the drain, followed by vinegar.   The bubbly reaction really worked.   Don’t remember the formula but it’s on Pinterest/web.
    • NVBelle
      NVBelle October 16, 2020 I truly appreciate all of the suggestions.
      I've already tried all of these remedies, except the vent thing. I'll try that next.
      Thank you all for your help!
    • NVBelle
      Jenna & The ZARGON October 17, 2020 Get one of those replacement things for the trap.  No more trap.. no more gunk!  HEPvO
      U-toob link:
    • NVBelle
      TheCaliGirl Teresa October 18, 2020 Baking soda can help for bad smells
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