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  • Darkside
    DarksideFull Time RVers:
    October 17, 2020Anyone know how to get the splendid washer back in the cabinet?
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    • Darkside
      Nan33 October 17, 2020 How did it get out?  What kind of problem are you having?  We (DH, that is) had ours out twice.  Did take 2 people to get it back in after repairing the floor that collapsed!
    • Darkside
      BLSMSS (Brenda &Marc) October 17, 2020 If I remember what we did in our other rig was lean it with the top going in first, then once it was in, raised up and bring bottom in. We have them in our garage of our Toy Hauler so now no issue
    • Darkside
      Tom & Deb Duchaine October 17, 2020 Just pushed from the front
    • Darkside
      TarHeels October 18, 2020 Say a Prayer
    • Darkside
      Robbie & Alice October 18, 2020 I had to take the entire door assembly off the closet.
    • Darkside
      Foxsea October 21, 2020 I made a platform the same height as bottom of cabinet, slid washer out.  After fixing the issue I slid it back in.  One man job.
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      • Darkside
        Nan33 October 22, 2020 Good thinking!  I'm surprised DH didn't think of that when we had to put ours back in.
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