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  • CobraJo
    CobraJoTiffin Owners:
    October 18, 2020What’s the best tabletop bbq, cleaning , storage etc...
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    • CobraJo
      Burdetters October 18, 2020 I have heard great things about black stone I have been looking at them
    • CobraJo
      Nomads_2 October 18, 2020 We have been happy with our O-Grill gas grill.
    • CobraJo
      Momdoc October 19, 2020 I have been very happy with our Weber Q2000.  We use it 4-5 times a week for the last 2 years. 
    • CobraJo
      Dan and Latricia Nicholson November 25, 2020 We also have the Weber Q2000 and enjoy it on each trip.  We're considering a tabletop Traeger.
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