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  • Richard And Cheryl
    Richard And CherylRV Repair Club:
    October 20, 2020I ran out of propane over night now my furnace won't light 😒
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    • Richard And Cheryl
      Andy & Maureen T October 20, 2020 If you have gotten propane, You may just need to purge the gas lines. Try lighting your propane stove and let a burner burn for a few seconds.. If no luck you may need to hit the reset on your heater. That is located in the heater compartment near the mai...  more
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    • Richard And Cheryl
      Daniel and Carol Hamer October 20, 2020 I have run out a couple of times. Once tank is full I turn off the thermostat, wait a second or two and then turn it back on and it starts.
    • Richard And Cheryl
      WeMustRV October 20, 2020 Light your stove first to draw the gas.  It will draw more gas quicker once it starts let it run a minute or so and then try the furnace again.
    • Richard And Cheryl
      John T October 20, 2020 Due to the small volume of gas if the lines emptied and are full of air it can take a longggggggggg time to purge them before gas is again present. Running a stove can help and it may take several lighting attempts before the furnace is up n running. Been...  more
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