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  • Schreckengosts Journey~Murphy & Sara
    Schreckengosts Journey~Murphy & Sara Volunteers for Public Lands:
    October 24, 2020We are at a National Battlefield until the end of December. Hubby is doing what we are used to, (restrooms, garbage, general cleaning) while I am stuck at the visitors center. Today I got to help him for a while, I will be glad to get back to our usual ...  more
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    • Schreckengosts Journey~Murphy & Sara
      Joan and Steve October 24, 2020 We found a great volunteer job at a community college in Texas. We've been here 4 weeks and having a great time. 15 1/2 hours a week per couple is required for your site. Work is varied since we help maintenance. It could be painting, mowing, trimming tre...  more
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      • Schreckengosts Journey~Murphy & Sara
        Schreckengosts Journey~Murphy & Sara October 25, 2020 That sounds fun. May I ask how you found it and what college? That sounds right up our alley.
      • Schreckengosts Journey~Murphy & Sara
        Joan and Steve October 25, 2020 The job was posted in Workamper News sometime back and our friends saw it. The school is Northeast Texas Community College in Mt. Pleasant Texas. It's been a very pleasant experience thus far. We can see ourselves here again. I believe you guys were...  more
    • Schreckengosts Journey~Murphy & Sara
      Kathih October 26, 2020 We love volunteering for refuges too. This virus really changed things for us. We will continue to volunteer at refuges but maybe not full time. Hope things work out for you soon.
    • Schreckengosts Journey~Murphy & Sara
      wannavolunteerft (Judy) August 9, 2021 I think it is interesting that you felt stuck at the visitor center, and that is my preferred volunteer activity. So enjoy meeting others and sharing about our history and how it affects things today.
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